Sweet 16

Hey, everyone.

My sixteenth birthday is coming up soon (March 16th), and instead of getting a brand new car, I'm pretty sure that I want a brand new tank for the land hermit crabs (and a few more crabs, of course!).

I am hoping to get a new 55 gallon aquarium with all of the good toppings. I'm hoping to be able to install custom pools with filters so I won't have to change the water so frequently.

Hopefully, I will be able to get this for my birthday!



Kevinoh33 said...

16th Birthday on the 16th of March, eh?

I'm just going to wish you a Happy Birthday incase I forget to do so...so...

Happy Birthday!


Mr.krabs said...

Interesting birthday wish (: I hope it comes true!

Happy birthday.

Hermitcrazy said...

So did it come true?