Southern California, Hermit Crabs, and More!


I know it's been a really long while since seriously posting as I was on hiatus during my freshman year at college.  I traveled 2,129 miles from my hometown in Pennsylvania to sunny Orange, California to study creative writing and French.  My what an experience it has been!  I've gotten to explore Southern California, meet a ton of amazing people, and enrich my life with a quality education learning about the things I love.

During my freshman year, my parents decided to accept the challenge of caring for my hermit crabs while I was away.  They've done an excellent job and I couldn't be happier.  This summer I get the chance to give my hermit crabs the necessary TLC they need from me and then I'm back to Southern California for my sophomore year.

In the next few days, I will be posting some crabitat pictures and maybe some shots of my crabs if they are out and about!  In the meantime, I am glad to be back and regularly posting.  I hope you all will enjoy what's in store for Kilimanjaro's Hermits.

Love and Happy Crabbing,
Rob (Kilimanjaro)


Suggestion Box

Hello crabbers!

It's me, Kilimanjaro.  I know it has been a really long time since I have posted.  I have been studying Creative Writing & French in Southern California and have been away from my crabs for the year.  Rest assured, they are in good care with my mother back home. :)

This blog was recently brought back to my attention, so I plan on doing an update post when I go home for the summer to show you the crabitat and which of my crabs are still with me.  In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to see what people are interested in reading about so I can start posting again.

If you're interested in a specific topic or would like to see something on the website, email me at wearecrabby@live.com!  All ideas are welcome.

Keep it crabby,



Good Hang Outs!

In a well set-up crabitat, it is important to have many things:  a freshwater pool, a saltwater pool, moist & deep substrate, extra shells, and plenty of places to climb and hide.  While the former are all things that are vital to your crabs survival, good hang outs where your crabs are able to be instinctively crabby make the crabitat fun for both you and your crabs.

Let's face it.  Sometimes, keeping land hermit crabs lacks the action that having other pets does.  They don't really do much and unlike animals like dogs or cats, they don't really prefer to play or interact with human beings.

In order to make a crabitat fun, it's important to provide your crabs with a form of exercise that is stimulating to their natural instincts.  In the wild, land hermit crabs are often referred to as "tree crabs" because they prefer to climb up in trees and other places during the day.

By installing plenty of places for your crabs to climb, you're ensuring that they're able to act out their instincts and get a good form of exercise.  It is also fun and exciting to watch them climb and hang out.  I love to sit and watch my crabs climb around in the crabitat!

There are many awesome ideas that you can use to put a little more climbing space in your tank!  Corner shower caddies (with suction cups) offer a great second level that takes up minimal space.  You can put moist moss, extra shells, or a hidey place inside.  Driftwood, cork bark, grapevine, or cholla are great pieces that are perfect for hermit crabs to climb on while adding a natural look to your crabitat.  Many online stores offer hemp nets and ropes.  Fake vines and plants sold at pet stores are another great alternative.  Finally, many aquarium pieces double as a hiding spot and a place to climb!

When it comes to decorating a crabitat, the options are unlimited!  With a bit of creativity, your crabitat can be transformed into a place that is healthy and fun for your land hermit crabs.  Finding that perfect hang out spot for your crabs might be a bit difficult, but with time and a bit of patience, you'll soon manage to craft a tank that keeps you and your crabs busy and enthralled!