The Current Residents

Here is a simple post of the current residents in the 20 gallon. It is a bit bare because of the three that have recently passed, but I'm hoping to find some more additions soon. These pictures are all from today, so enjoy!
> Pompeii Coenobita compressus Ecuadorian

> Lanikai Coenobita perlatus Strawberry

> Kilimanjaro Coenobita compressus Ecuadorian

> Mako Coenobita clypeatus Purple Pincher

> Nala Coenobita clypeatus Purple Pincher

~In Memoria~
Melika, Kanaka, Molikai
Those who have passed
Will never be forgotten
But shall stay locked in Memoria
Forever in peace

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Brittanie said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! It's me Hermy88 from HCA! Love this