The Complete Different Species Guide!

Whew! It took a while, but I finally managed to complete the research of The Different Species on the HCC Caresite. The information provided is accurate and taken only from different accounts of people. I am glad to say it is one of the best species accounts on the web. Check it out here.

So, check it out and tell me what you think!

~In the Crabitat~
Currently, there are two crabs digging down. Lanikai, my Straw, is underneath the cocofiber and I am really worried about her. Straws are known to have a hard time molting and I hope everything is alright. Even worse, I believe Mako is right next to her.

Mako is a PP and I am less worried about him. But currently, after all of these deaths, I am worried about every member of my crabitat! I hope all goes well.

PS: Looking at those shots yesterday, I though to myself,
"Dang! Those pictures look great!"

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