Deep Clean Pictures, In Melika's Memory, and A Recipe

That's right, folks. Incase you didn't read the title, this post is going to be long! So, buckle up your seat belts, and crabs, hold onto your shells! We're going in!

Here are the deep clean pictures. The new tank is quite good-looking in my opinion. I'm still looking forward to adding a moss pit in a few weeks. I'm currently on a budget and can't buy much.

>the tank's right side from an angled view

>the tank's left side from an angled view

>the right side of the tank (do you spot Mako and Nala?)

>the middle of the tank (do you spot Lanikai?)

>the right side of the tank (do you spot Lanikai?)

Now that the pictures are over, I hope everyone likes the new remodel. In memory of Melika, Mako has switched into her old shell. Mako now looks a lot like Melika. I'm going to have a hard time convincing my neice Melika died and not Mako. I feel really bad for the past three losses.

And now for that recipe!

Appetizer: Fruit Salad
Assorted dried fruits include: apples, cranberries, and mangos

Main Course: Sushi Salad and Nectarine Pork
Sushi salad is made with raw smelt, green peppers, and powdered nori all ground up in a food processor. Nectarine pork is a slice of pork topped with cooked nectarines.

Dessert: Plum and Nectarine Slices
Plum and nectarine sliced thinly and topped with shrimp exoskeleton and dressed in olive oil if desired.

The post wasn't too long...I hope!

Makes a complete meal!

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