Making a comeback!

Hello, everyone.

I am going to resume regular blogging here on Kilimanjaro's Hermits!  Stay tuned for updates, crab care articles, and more.

Here is a small update for now.  The 55G crabitat is currently home to 9 hermit crabs:  three Purple Pinchers, three Violas, two Ruggies, and an Indo!  I am planning to add some new Ecuadorians to the crabitat soon.

Here is the current set-up of the 55G crabitat.  I got rid of my two filtered pools because the crabs continuously dislodged the filters, causing them to spew water out into the tank and making a soppy mess out of the substrate!

 The two pools now are equipped with airstones and I do weekly water changes.  Everyone has been very active lately, save the four crabs who are molting.  I included a picture of Shinto with this post!  He is looking gorgeous as ever.

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