Mako Finishes His Molt

Mako recently came up from what I believe to be his 11th molt with me! When I first got him, he could fit on a fifty cent piece. He is about the size of a tennis ball overall now!

He definitely grew a bit from his last molt, and his coloration remains outstanding. He was moving all about and managed to pig out in the food dish and both water pools!
I was missing seeing his cute crabby face, so I am ecstatic that he is out and about now.
Mako is my oldest crab. I've had him for a little over 5 years now.


The Rural Pagan said...

WOOT I'm always happy when my lil guys/gals come up from their molts :) BTW this is J_Boo. I started a blog on here. may not be your cup of tea. But its me none the less.

Alexia Haberstroh said...

I was wondering a little about the blueberry crab I have had crabies before and I am I treasured in putting a strawberry and blueberry together many sites say staws are very sweet and I have found little on the blue and I was wondering if I could get some answers also how big can a hermit crab get and how many times do they molt in a year