Preparing for the ELHC Hermits

As previously posted, I ordered eight crabs from ExoticLandHermitCrabs.com: 4 Ruggies, 2 Blueberries, and 2 Violas. I am extremely excited for this order to come on Wednesday, and as of now, I am preparing for the new guys to arrive.

I am going to reorganize the 55G, which is currently housing my other 12 hermit crabs. I'm going to do a semi-deep clean and change out the pools and moss. I think I might buy a few extra plants and a hidey to make it a little more natural. I am also going to add some aragonite sand to my 100% EE mix, as recommended by many other crabbers.

I've had so many successful molts on pure EE, but also a lot of unsuccessful molts. If other crabbers are having better success with a mix, I am going to try it, too. I'm looking for what's best for the crabs.

Of course, while I'm out shopping for all of these extra things, I know of a store that has Ecuadorian crabs... I might have to bring home three. My current Ecuadorian, Kiléa, has been left alone due to a series of bad molts and PPS.

Luckily, with the addition of the eight crabs from ELHC and the three Es I'm planning to get, I'll be back to a nice colony... 23!

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