Happy Thanksgiving, Crabbers!

Thanksgiving is a truly great holiday for everyone. What could be better than family getting together and enjoying a delicious, hot meal while thinking about all of the things they may take in life for granted. As much as you enjoy this holiday, it can also be a great feast for land hermit crabs, provided that everything is safe for them.

Here are a few holiday foods that are sure to be a hit in your land hermit crab's diet!

Turkey can be a great food for land hermit crabs because of it being a good source of protein. Additionally, land hermit crabs are known to eat dead birds in the wild, so this closely resembles what they may find. Please be careful if you are planning to give your land hermit crabs turkey that you pull some aside and do not add salt or pepper to their portion.

Sweet potatoes or yams can be another good food for land hermit crabs because of its high concentration of Vitamin A and beta carotene. This can be a great color enhancer for lighter crabs and will really bring out the color in your hermits. Be sure not to feed the canned variety, but you can buy fresh and cook those (without any seasonings!).

Green beans and other vegetables are a great food to offer to the land hermit crabs because of the wide range of nutrients and vitamins. Just make sure they aren't seasoned with anything!

Finally, cranberry sauce may not be the best option for your land hermit crabs, but naturally dried cranberries with no added sugar or preservatives are the closest relative to that delicious jelly that the crabs will love!

Will all these ideas, here's hoping that your land hermit crabs will have a delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving!

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