Saturday's Deep Clean

I did a deep clean on Saturday and it was quite a big experience, but also simple. I started off by soaking three blocks of Eco-Earth in their own buckets and marveled at how one block can get so big. This stuff is really cool. :)

I cleaned out the tank, put the crabs in a bin with some wet sand and a cover and then started emptying out 50 pounds or more of sand and coconut fiber. It wasn't too hard, but after I was done I had to wipe out the remaining sand particles.

Finishing up with that, I washed and boiled everything that was ever in the crabitat (including the crabs--except they weren't boiled). I placed everything back in and set it up to my liking. It looks much better now with only Eco-Earth. I realized how much I dislike sand.

The crabs all seem to be enjoying it and Mako has even switched into a bursa crumena. Kilimanjaro, my recently molted Ecuadorian, is also going through shells, but I doubt he will change. He is picky.

There are no pictures of the cleaned tank yet because my camera died. :(

Anyway, I went out later to get a new addition for my crabitat, but my Pet Supplies Plus had no new guys! I was a bit ticked off at the lack of any new exotics, but I figure I can take my time. I have lots of time to get new tank mates.

And I am very excited about March 16--my birthday. I am planning on getting $150 worth of crab stuff. It will be very cool and a birthday worthwhile.

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