Return Day

Today is quite an exciting day actually. It is the day we return any bad Christmas gifts and stuff. I requested from my mother that I need a small UTH for the side of my tank (which I do, it is feeling quite cold near the wall) and I am also hoping on getting a jungle vine and a purple pincher (or other crab).

Now, she doesn't know about the plans to get a crab, but I don't think she will be able to say no if I say that my other purple pincher needs a buddy. If plans fail, then I guess I will have to wait until my birthday. :)

I would really like another crab or two because with only three crabs in a 20L, it is quite bare and there is not much activity. Now that Kilimanjaro is down, another crab would definitely help the tank become a bit more cheery. I just worry about PPS.

Anyway, the names I've planned out for the newbie are:
MALE: Shinto, Ryukyu, Hokkaido

FEMALE: Meialeia, Kaiha, Yuri

Well, we shall see how it goes down at the pet store later today. :D

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