No New Crabs...


We did not get any crabs at the Petco we visited today because they were all in bad condition. The temperature and humidity were all right, but none of the crabs were really active and some were upside down. I just didn't feel like buying one from Petco.

However, I am planning on buying two hermit crabs from Pet Supplies Plus tomorrow. These will both be Ecuadorians since that is what they sell there. I hope they have them...it might be a seasonal thing. These two Ecuadorians will be great additions.

And then... I will need two purple pinchers for Mako to have a species buddy. These guys will have to wait until my birthday. That will make me have 7 crabs in total in a 20 gallon tank. That is filled up...but still room for a small Eccie. :)

IF IN THE EVENT I FIND ANY SMALL STRAWS, I WILL SNATCH THEM UP! Yes... I have a slight addiction for Straws. There is plenty of climbing space in my crabitat and I could fit eight or nine in it...lol.

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