The Importance of Nutrition

I am someone who has always believed that good nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. For myself, I believe that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will lead to healthy organ systems, and therefore I will feel and look better.

I have always extended this policy to my hermit crabs. I have completely cut out processed foods from their diets. I don't feed preservatives. I offer fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dried products. Refined sugar is never fed, besides the occasional treat of organic maple syrup or honey.

I believe that a natural approach to nutrition is key for keeping land hermit crabs healthy. This includes produce from the store, but also things that you are able to collect outside, dubbed "harvestables". The important thing is to keep it varied. A diet full of variety will not only keep your hermit crabs healthy, it will keep them interested and continuously drawn to the food dish!

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