The Importance of Bark

I have long suggested and promoted a healthy, natural diet for land hermit crabs, but do you know that this includes items that you can't find at your grocery store?
My idea started quite a few years ago, where I was inspired by another crabber to start using things I could find outside to give my crabs. The result was "harvestables", foods that you could go out into the woods and take for your crabs!

Today, the focus is bark. There are two types of bark that are favorites in my crabitat: maple and oak. My crabs really love oak bark, and they will munch on the pieces. Bark is high in tannins, as well as many other minerals and good plant compounds. Hermit crabs really enjoy picking at and chewing on the bark, so it's always fun to watch them!

To harvest your own bark, be sure to know what kind of tree you're dealing with. If you go to the sidebar at your left, you'll find a "Harvestables" link with all types of trees that are safe. Once you've identified your tree, you can scrape some of the bark off. You may wish to wash it off first, and then it is ready to give to your land hermit crabs!

If harvesting is not possible in your area, we are currently selling oak and maple barks at Kilimanjaro's Kibbles!


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