Food Trials: Crabby Gelatin

I've been looking for crab-safe desserts that are also healthy in order to add more to the "Kili's Bakery" section of my food store.

I remember seeing a post from the HCA about making gelatin for the crabs and how gelatin is simply a protein and would be fine for the land hermit crabs.

So, today, I conjured up the idea of making a hibiscus jello, lightly sweetened with honey. It would retain the nutritional value of the hibiscus and honey and be a nice treat for the crabs. I could market it with a recipe, and it would be a great way of getting crabbers involved with preparing meals for their crabs.

So today, I got cooking. I prepared the gelatin like normal jello, only I boiled some hibiscus-chamomile tea on the stove and then added it to the gelatin mix. Then, I added some chilled hibiscus tea I had prepared earlier to finish the jello.

I didn't have any organic honey on hand, so I substituted a bit of organic maple syrup and turbinado cane sugar. These two items are both crab-safe if fed in small amounts, which is how I plan to feed the jello.

After finishing the gelatin mix, I placed it in the refrigerator to cool off, which is what it is currently doing. I am hoping it turns out tasty! I am eager to try some myself, being a hibiscus tea drinker.

After I've made the jello, trialed it myself, and taken a few pictures, I'll post some feedback here. I'm hoping it will be a hit with the crabs and there will be no issues with melting in the crabitat.

Bon appetit!

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