A Crabby Tale

The crabs managed to give me a good laugh last night.
I decided to give the crabs a thawed pinkie mouse for a nutritional treat. The last time I tried this, the pinkie mouse disappeared! This time, I managed to see what happened to the little mouse... at least, for the most part!
The story begins with the crab pictured to the left, my Indo named Indi. Indi was eating the mouse and really going at it. I scared him a little while watching, so he backed up with the mouse in hand.
Then, a larger Indo, Aria, came up and climbed on top of Indi! I thought they were going to fight, but I usually allow this type of stuff to happen because I think it replicates what happens in nature. Well, I figured Aria would get the mouse and Indi would scurry off, but that did not happen at all!

Instead, Indi quickly began making a dash for a resin log and I thought he had put down the mouse... little did I know, he had the pinkie mouse trailing behind him! He was running off with the little mouse in hand.

Aria quickly followed him into the resin log. I don't know what happened in here, but Indi emerged on the other side victorious with the pinkie mouse in pincher. Aria came out the other side and decided to munch on some grapefruit instead.
Later, I saw Indi sharing his pinkie mouse with an Ecuadorian of similar size. They were both chowing down!
The pinkie mouse is now gone... I have no idea where it is! I highly suggest trying this for your crabs. It can be found in the freezer section of your pet store, normally near the fish and/or reptiles.


Anonymous said...

That's a great story! I'd like to see more crab behavior post on your site.

Kilimanjaro said...

Thanks for the comment!

I'll definitely try posting more behavior-related things!


Austin Bradley AKA Hermitcrazy said...

LOL, interesting herms you have there :)