The Hermit Crab Vendor Crabs Have Arrived!

It's been one stressful week for me as a land hermit crabber. On Wednesday, I waited excitingly for my new land hermit crabs to arrive in the mail. I had ordered them previously on Tuesday. I could barely sleep. Three small Strawberries and four Violas. What more could a land hermit crabber want? Don't answer that question.
Well, I didn't receive them that day and I had to call Hermit Crab Vendor and ask what happened. Apparently, UPS lost them somehow and they were shipped out to a crabber in Washington. I could only imagine her face when she got more than she bargained for!

Hermit Crab Vendor sent me new crabs and the ones at Washington will be going back to Hermit Crab Vendor. Luckily, my crabs arrived safely today and did not get mixed up. They have no names as of now (as I didn't do any gender check) and they are all enjoying the comfort of my warm, moist crabitat.

Here are the Violas:

And the Strawberries:


makeupnerd said...

Hi! My name is Courtney and I am obsessed with hermit crabs! I have three myself and I love them so very much! Their names are Sherlie, Big Boy, and Gary. I have been a hermit crabber since summer of 09 and have loved being one ever since. My hermit crabs are quite happy in their 10 gallon, 78 degree farenheit, and 79 percent humidty tank. Thanks for reading! =D

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail (rhnelson3772@msn.com)me the website address of the vendor you got your hermit crabs from