The Amazingness of a Food Dehydrator

If you are not equipped with a food dehydrator and a food processor, I suggest you get one now. These two products are one of the most beneficial things a crabber can have. Why? Read more to find out.

With a food dehydrator, you can dehydrate any fruits, vegetables, wild-harvested foods, or meats. This is pretty amazing because you are able to store this stuff almost infinitely! And with these dried goods, you can mix them together to make various kibbles using the food processor.

So far, I've made three kibbles (and I'm planning on two more which I will also post here):

1) Staple Kibble
INGREDIENTS: dried kiwi, dried cantaloupe, dried apple, dried blueberry, dried carrot, dried grape, assorted dried leaves (mulberry, green leaf lettuce, kale, radish leaf, romaine lettuce, endive, and many other greens), assorted wild-harvested leaves (oak, maple, elm, and a few others), wheat germ, dried baby shrimp, maple bark, rolled oats, egg shell, and nori seaweed.

2) Banana Calcium
INGREDIENTS: dried banana, dried mango, cuttlebone, wheat germ, and freeze-dried krill.

3) A Handful of Earth
INGREDIENTS: worm castings, dried mushroom, dried carrot, dandelion greens, dandelion root, maple bark, purslane, assorted wild-harvested leaves, and crickets.

4) Beach Cuisine (Not Made Yet, but Planned)
INGREDIENTS: dried whole shrimp, dried smelt, baby shrimp, freeze-dried krill, dried coconut, dried mango, dried papaya, dried kiwi, dried seaweed, and oyster shell.

5) Very Berry (Not Made Yet, but Planned)
INGREDIENTS: dried blackberry, dried blueberry, dried grape, and cuttlebone.

So, as you can see, these kibbles open up many a possibility!

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