Winter Hibernation

There is not much documented about land hermit crabs and their reaction to winter temperatures (because they do not live in this type of environment). However, it seems that all crabbers say unanimously that their land hermit crabs seem to "hibernate" through the first few weeks of winter.

When the temperatures drop down, the land hermit crabs usually will dig underneath the ground to find some insulation. Most land hermit crab enthusiasts have noticed this with their crabs. Why?

It's not exactly sure why, but land hermit crabs obviously have a huge set of instincts. Land hermit crabs seem to be able to react to almost anything that has changed in their environment. Because of this, I think land hermit crabs are one of the most adaptable creatures to roam this Earth.

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PeachyFox said...

Awesome stuff! It just hit the early weeks of winter and i was worried something was up with my crabs (3 PP and 1 E) since they haven't come out in a week now. It's good to know they hunker down for the cold times.