Kamranga and the Giant Peach

Well, I figured I'd take at least one post to go ahead and introduce you all to the new Fenwick Island crabs! I rescued four micros from not-so-good conditions and I finally have good enough pictures to share.

First off, this post is titled Kamranga and the Giant Peach because I placed an organic peach inside of the crabitat to see if the crabs would eat it. Within a few minutes, I found Kamranga climbing on it alraedy!

And now, the introduction to the Fenwick Island crabs!

Komodo (Male): Has been exploring and hiding out a lot. No shell changes. The only male of the group.

Only picture of Komodo.

Kamranga (Female): Has been exploring a lot! She has switched shells a lot of times, so you can see a lot of different pictures of her.

Shell Change.

Another shell change.

Sayang (Female): Has been walking around and eating a lot.

Sayang with comparison to a Coke™ bottle cap

Sayang's on top, Kamranga's on the bottom.

Tahiti (Female): Immediately went down to molt and is still under.

Coke™ Bottle Cap Comparison

In the 20 Gallon

So, those are the Fenwick crabs! I hope you all enjoyed.

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