The Strawberries

Alas, here are my newest hermits, the Strawberries. These are species native to the Indian Ocean (and around that area) and are very vibrant red. They are normally white as juveniles, and some people have white Straws that are adult. Either way, they are scientifically known as Coenobita (SEE-NO-BAYT-UH) perlatus.

>This is Lanikai. She and Kanaka were both purchased from PetCo at the same time. Lanikai was instantly friendly and still is the same way. She loves going along the glass and loves saltwater. She is still in this chipped, broken shell.

>This is Kanaka. He is slightly larger than Lanikai and not as friendly. He likes to explore his crabitat the same way Lanikai does. They are ALWAYS together. He loves saltwater, too. Kanaka has switched into a much nicer shell, but I have no current pictures.

Those are my hermits!

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