This is Kilimanjaro's blog for all of his hermit crabs. It's dedicated just to them. I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures of all of the crabs. You guys might get tired of seeing them! Well, why don't we start off by introducing ourselves (me and the crabs, of course). Hello, my name is Kilimanjaro. I really am interested by hermit crabs. Almost my entire life I wanted to be a marine biologist, and with these hermit crabs, I feel like I am one. I have my own site dedicated just to hermit crabs and their care (http://www.hermitcrabcentral.piczo.com/). I also love to write. Consider both of these my passions. Writing is something I feel really good about. I believe I am good at it and I would love to publish a best-seller one day. For now, I am working on this: www.piczo.com/bladechapterone. Well, enough about me and let's introduce the crabs!

>This is Nala. I bought her the same time I bought Molokai. She is a bit smaller, but definitely more friendly. She actually has pinched me once though, didn't hurt too much. Nala has molted once (look at that color!) and she has changed shells two or three times. I like her most recent choice.

>This is Molokai. He is one of my first crabs. He is pretty big and has a big appetite. He is pretty gentle and has molted once with me. He has been in that shell forever, it's hard to imagine him in something different.
I have 6 more crabs to introduce! I'll introduce one a day, starting tomorrow. Hope you all like the crabs!

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Hermitcrazy said...

I have a dog named Nala!